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Welcome to the Maybrook Trailway website. The Maybrook Trailway will be a shared-use bicycling and pedestrian path running along a 25-mile portion of the Metro-North Railroad (MNR) Beacon Line Corridor from Brewster, NY to Hopewell Junction, NY. This portion of the Maybrook Trailway, formerly referred to as the Beacon Line, does not currently have active train traffic, the project proposes building a “rail with trail” on the Brewster to Hopewell Junction segment. The trail is set to be completed in 2020.

The Maybrook Trailway is an important part of the Empire State Trail, providing a key link between the Putnam Trailway and the Dutchess Rail Trail and Walkway Over the Hudson State Park. The Empire State Trail, when completed in 2020, will create a 750-mile trail bike and walking pathway stretching from New York City to Canada and from Albany to Buffalo.

Project Name Change

In October, 2017, Metro-North Railroad (MNR) and the Hudson River Valley Greenway issued the Draft Concept Plan for the Maybrook Trailway Section project. The original “Beacon Line” title reflected the name MNR has used for several decades to identify the rail line running from the City of Beacon to Hopewell Junction to Brewster to the Connecticut state line. Over the past three months, a number of public comments were submitted suggesting that “Maybrook Trailway” is a preferable name for the trail. As reflected on the cover of this Final Concept Plan, MNR and the Hudson Greenway have proposed a new name for the project: the Maybrook Trailway section of the Empire State Trail, for the following reasons:

  • Prior to MNR’s acquisition, the railroad was known as the Maybrook Line for nearly a century. The name “Maybrook Trailway” better aligns with the important historical role the line played in transportation and community development in the region.
  • Putnam County has identified the southern portion of the line as the Maybrook Trailway for many years, and in fact has already planned and developed several sections of the trail using this name.
  • Use of the term “Beacon Line” has created confusion, implying the trail connects to the City of Beacon, NY. In fact, the Empire State Trail segment being developed through this project ends in Hopewell Junction, which is approximately 10 miles northeast of the City of Beacon (from Hopewell Junction, the Empire State Trail route will continue northwest on the existing Dutchess Rail Trail to Poughkeepsie and the Walkway Over the Hudson).

In summary, MNR and the Hudson Greenway have concluded that for consistency and continuity, this 25-mile section of the Empire State Trail is best named the Maybrook Trailway Section. This name will be used in future documents describing the project.

The Route

The trail crosses through two counties (Putnam and Dutchess), five towns, and one village. Along the route, the trail goes through rural landscapes and wooded areas featuring seasonal waterfalls as well as crosses the Appalachian Trail along the way.

At the southern end, the new Maybrook Trailway will connect to the Putnam Trailway and an existing portion of the Maybrook Trailway, and to the north, the Dutchess Rail Trail. There is MNR station access nearby at Poughkeepsie and in Brewster, providing multi-modal access to transit along the trail.

View the entire route below or click on the following sections to see more detailed maps:

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Maybrook Trailway Benefits

The Maybrook Trailway can bring a number of benefits to surrounding communities (click a benefit below to learn more.):

Health and Wellbeing
The Maybrook Trailway will improve the health and wellbeing for local residents and visitors as access to outdoor activities increases participation in healthy lifestyles and improves the academic performance of children. Regular exercise reduces the likelihood of heart and respiratory disease. People with access to trails exercise more regularly than those without access to similar recreational opportunities.
Trails provide alternatives for getting around for those without access to cars or transit as well as for those wanting to choose a healthier transportation alternative. Construction of the new Maybrook Trailway will increase mobility and accessibility by providing a new recreational opportunity.
Trails provide safer recreational opportunities for all users. They provide a designated space for bicyclists and pedestrians and minimize interactions with motor vehicle traffic. This is especially important for children.
The positive economic impacts of trails include recreation-based tourism, an increase in property values, an enhanced ability to attract new employers and employees, and development of new industries, such as visitor services and outdoor related product sales, to accommodate the increase in recreational opportunities in the area.
Not only do trails provide outdoor learning opportunities, but children with access to open space resources demonstrate higher academic achievement, better attendance, and higher levels of concentration. They also provide children with the opportunity to discover local natural and cultural heritage.
Trails benefit the environment as well as the people they serve. Trails provide opportunities for habitat protection and enhancement, stormwater and flood retention, improved water and air quality, conservation of natural and cultural resources, and scenic views.
Civic Engagement
Trails provide opportunities for diverse groups of people to discover common interests and form a sense of community. Whether as a means of improving quality of life, our health, our children’s well-being or our natural places, civic leadership springs from community engagement. When neighbors are engaged, employers are enthused, and visitors are attracted, the vitality of a community is boosted.


As the project moves forward and related documents are completed, they will be uploaded here for community member review and feedback. Please check back regularly for updates.


Information Sessions

Public Information sessions were held in Dutchess County on June 19th, 2019 and Putnam County on June 20th, 2019.


Preliminary public meetings  were held previously in Dutchess County on November 13, 2017 and Putnam County on November 14, 2017.


Responses to comments received during the meetings would be sent out to all the attendees via email.


The project welcomes public comment on the Maybrook Trailway. Please provide your email address and comments through the form below. Your comments, observations, and concerns will be incorporated through the public engagement process.

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